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Harry Potter Recs!!!!

There are some absolutely BRILLIANT fics that I'm currently reading, while waiting obsessively...erm..almost obsessively *shifty eyes* for them to be updated. The main reason for such a list is basically  a little organisation in my otherwise chaotic life ( fanfics seem to be the only area I want to work in right now... and since I can't write...) 

Most of them are dramione fics. Some of them are not. However, in the case of the latter, the appropriate pairing have been listed alongside. I have concentrated mostly on newer fics rather than fics that have been around for...well... centuries and that get updated quite regularly.
 So here they are- just follow the cut

1) Eden by obsessmuch - Brilliant fic. Pairing - Lucius/Hermione. Again a very lucky find. Its quite dark and Hermione is not such a strong character. Infact she's quite weak but its been written very well and I am eagerly waiting for it to be updated. I love the way the author makes the cliched situation of Hermione being a captive of Lucius, very realistic. That is what attracts me to this fic. Very realistically written. I don't think they, being in the situation they are, are going to ride off in to the sunset.

2) The Bracelet by  [info]akashathekitty   - This is again a very well-written story. The characters have been nicely developed by the author and the pace at which it is set makes the characters very realistic. Though I do not like really slow fics, the quickly-falling-in-love technique doesn't work with me either. Another thing I like about this fic is the plotline-very original- I haven't come across this storyline before.

) A Darker Side of Love by  [info]kerri240879  - I'm really excited about this fic. I love veela fics and this one has been written very very well. Very enticing. There are only a couple of chapters yet but it already promises to be a masterpiece.

6) Pendulum by blacklotus - Pairing - Hermione Granger/James Potter. I'm a big fan of this author. This fic intrigues me because it has a very unique plotline. 

7) Need the Storm by blacklotus - Pairing - Hermione/Antonin Dolohov. Love this fic. Its nearly finished *cries*. Its brilliant.The author has made the unconventional pairing work. Very well-written!!

8) Saint Hermione and the Dragon by  [info]jazzy_fay  - Even though this fic only has one chapter, it has me hooked. This promises to be a fic which will be written well (and those are really hard to find), so I can't wait! I hope the author updates soon.

9) The Fallout by Sage - Everybody already knows this fic I'm sure. One of the most outstanding stories around. 

10) Anything and everything by Chelle on grangerenchanted. I love her stories and pairings!!

There are many others and this list WILL get updated later. For now, I'm tired. *scurries off to read ALL fics AGAIN*



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