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So i haven't written in the journal for a long time mostly out of laziness and no idea of what to write. but an update is required so...

1. exams are around the corner....a bloody week away. and as usual weirdly the closer they come, the more less likely i am to study. the more kind hearted might say that its coz i've been studying way too much...but sadly not the case AT ALL.

2. After exams will be heading off for a rare and well-deserved vacation in Goa which also serves as a bit of a distraction from the bleak future of placement tension. it will be a week filled with booze, booze, good food, ogling at guys and well...booze.

3. once i return i will take to the bottle again amidst preparing for interviews with the firms that come. provided ofcourse that i get shortlisted.i fully plan to remain in a not-so-sober state till next semester exams(which will be my final...yay).

4. I have also been asked to co-author a law blog that a classmate of mine has started, so after exams will be doing a bit of that as well. hopefully i find a good topic. no dearth of debatable topics in law but i want to do one I'm interested in. That will be fun. im almost looking forward to working.

well thats all for now.....gotta go and study now..ugh..

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thank you! i confess i have been concentrating more on the break part of things rather than the exam part. i guess that's every student's curse :)

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